Meet My Atlanta Moms Club Team

Meet My Atlanta Moms Club Team.  We are a group of women who live and work throughout the Atlanta Metro Area.  We are passionate about caring for our families and love this amazing city we live in. To learn more about our group please click here.

Alison Marie is a personal trainer and weight loss specialist. She is also a single-mom, teacher, runner, and entrepreneur. Living Room Workout Club was born from finding balance in it all and she loves helping other moms do the same! You can find more information at www.livingroomworkoutclub.com22 Articles

Billie is a transplanted Brit living in Atlanta and she certainly brings her sense of humor from over the pond. Billie is mom of two small boys and says her most valuable parenting technique is a combination of sarcasm, smack-talk and wine. Billie works full time, writes, eats cheese and has us all giggling with a weekly newsletter that provides witty explanations of the latest parenting news - mamajabbanews.com3 Articles

Bryttany is the founder of and mom to two under the age of two! When she isn't working she is running The Natural Minded Parents of Woodstock and teaching classes on attachment parenting, cloth diapers, and more. She will be sharing her experiences as a "crunchy mom" with the hopes of inspiring others to live their true selves.18 Articles

Wife. Mother. Step mother. Bargain shopper extraordinaire.My husband and I met on the doorsteps of my mom's front porch- our parents were, and still are, neighbors. We were both sweaty, awkward, preteens. Married in 2011, welcomed our first child together in 2012, twins in 2014- we've now blossomed into sweaty, awkward adults, and now parents. As soon as we said "I do", we became a family of three, and I became a step mother to his, then 5 year old, daughter, who resides with us full time.I'm just your average girl who enjoys coffee at sunrise, wine at sunset, bargain shopping (I'm a bit of a braggart over finding good deals!), LOL Cat Memes, scaring my sound asleep Boston Terrier, and anything where lip syncing is involved. My laugh sounds like the hybrid spawn of Betty Rubble and a monkey, and I like to bust that out as much as I possibly can.Being a mama has given my life much more purpose than I ever previously imagined. Life is short- and the season of mothering small children is even shorter- I'm all about laughing my way through trying to juggle the day-to-day, and finding my way with four kids in tow.6 Articles

​Caroline Hoffman is a 30 year old, God loving, married, mother of two. She has a one year old son with severe food allergies and a three year old daughter with lots of spunk. She attempts organic gardening in her back yard, English horseback riding on occasion, Yoga and reading mystery romance novels when life permits. She describes her parenting style as "mostly crunchy, but sometimes soggy" and has a passion for helping other moms reach their own parenting happy place. Breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby led weaning and childhood food allergies are her current parenting passions, although, after years of running a mommy forum, she has accumulated quite a knowledge base of all things parenting and enjoys sharing all that she can with others.Caroline is founder and operator of the Facebook page, My Atlanta Moms Cub, created in 201222 Articles

This blogger no longer writes for My Atlanta Moms Club blog. For more information about the author please send an email to and we would be glad to help. Thanks!41 Articles

Keeley Toro is a full-time mom, real estate agent, house flipper, entrepreneur, and Florida native. She enjoys sandy toes, city lights, great food, and sleeping in (which hasn't happened since baby #1 was born).Real estate related questions can be sent Tropic Shores Realty 3441 Deltona Blvd. Spring Hill, FL 34606

Lauren Karr is an Atlanta-based blogger. Lauren works full time in educational technology and manages 11 states. Between playdates and flights, she manages to still have fun!15 Articles

Leneille Moon is a Jane of all trades. She's a wife to a Licensed Massage Therapist and they own Massage Health Fusion a local massage studio located in Roswell, Ga. She also is a stay-at-home mother of 3 Braylon-5, Chance-3 & Ivy- turning 1 in June (step-mommy to Kobe-13) and if there couldn't be anything else she added to the list she's also a Special Event Planner, Meal Prep Chef and Food Allergy Children's book author. She has a BA in Journalism from Georgia State University and a MS in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University but more recently she decided to focus more on homeschooling her 5 year old who has severe food allergies. Her life goal is to be happy and a blessing to others and she hopes to one day to get paid to travel the world and experience beautiful things!8 Articles

Megan has a 3.5 year old son, Holden, an angel baby, and a one year old daughter, Hadley, and she is a high school and college level math teacher. Megan has been both a donor milk recipient/formula user as well as a milk donor/exclusive breastfeeder. She enjoys co-sleeping and babywearing, and she leans towards attachment parenting.18 Articles

Mel Heinrich is a writer and the proud mother of two delightful daughters. Born in Tennessee and raised in suburban Atlanta, she has a background in journalism and marketing. She is fascinated by genealogy the ways in which understanding your roots can empower you to embrace life. She writes regularly about the relationships, traditions and celebrations that are the foundation of family on her blog, My Magnolia Tree, at Articles

My husband and I moved to Atlanta approximately 10 years ago after finishing our degrees from Mississippi State University. Atlanta was a huge overwhelming town at first but the community I found with My Atlanta Moms Club helped make it our new home.3 Articles